How It Works

Step 1: Deposit ICP Coins

ICP Coins are used for purchasing trading card packs on the site. You must have ICP Coins to purchase packs.
You can buy ICP Coin Packages from MysteryCardz at the links below.
When you purchase the coin package you will get a digital code instantly.
Once you have the purchase code you enter the code on this site at the following link. Enter Purchase Code Here
Once you submit the code your ICP Coin balance will be updated instantly.
Package: 10 ICP Coins
Package: 25 ICP Coins
Package: 50 ICP Coins
Package: 100 ICP Coins

Step 2: Open Packs

Choose a pack to open from our selection of packs on the home page. You can either buy packs or open a free daily pack.
Once you open the pack and reveal all the cards they will be automatically added to your collection page.

Step 3: Manage Your Collection

From your collections page you can choose to trade cards back to us for the trade value listed under the card. When you trade cards they are removed from your collection and the trade value is added to your coin balance instantly.
You can also choose to have cards mailed to you buy requesting a withdrawal. To request a withdrawal check the withdraw check box under each card you want mailed and click the withdraw selected cards button at the top of the collection menu. The cards will be removed from your collection and added to your withdrawals page. The withdrawals page gives you the status of all pending withdrawals.