About InstantCardPacks.com

InstantCardPacks.com is brought to you by MysteryCardz.com
The MysteryCardz brand was created by long time hobbyists that wanted to keep collecting fun.
MysteryCardz offers a large variety of buyback products that focus on your specific interests. Whether you want to bust open a pack in search of vintage Mickey Mantle cards, tear into high end product filled with only one of a kind items or open low cost packs that offer you a chance at the exact rookie / relic / autographed hits of your favorite players we are positive that you will find something you love.
Our fun filled products start at only 99 cents and offer more bang for your buck than our competitors. Having been in the trading card industry for over 10 years now we are proud to present our instant open online card packs. These are packs that you can immediately open right now online and either trade them back in to us or have them mailed directly to you. It's completley up to you. We hope you have fun and enjoy yourself on the site.